Palm trees blowing in the warm breeze, banana daiquiris served at the beach bar by friendly and relaxed people, then a walk along a sandy beach, all available on the doorstep of your holiday home, all year. An infinity of blue sky and blue ocean. That’s your life Barbados, the archetypal tropical paradise.

A few facts behind the glittering name: Barbados has a population of 300,000 in an area a little larger than the Isle of Wight. It’s warmer than the Isle of Wight though, with temperatures from June to November averaging between 21 and 31ºC and in the rest of the year between, well, pretty much the same. It’s outside the main hurricane areas and last suffered major damage in the 1950s.

                            Martin Moston


Having travelled to Barbados many times and enjoyed the lifestyle and beauty that this Island has to offer, I am more than happy to discuss any individual needs that you may have, whether it’s a plot of land for a new build, existing re-sale dwelling or which luxurious resort is the best suited for you.

Along with Nick Jordan, Senior Partner of Jordan Fishwick and myself we can talk you through the buying process and advise you what’s the best and simplest way to your dream holiday home or permanent residency.

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Not only can anyone buy a property in Barbados, but if you spend more than US$2million you can get permanent residency. Not that you need to spend that much to get a lovely property; there are new studio apartments a little way inland for under £100,000 and if you do want that luxury you could consider a fractional scheme. This, after all, is not a destination you can reach from the UK for the weekend. Or is it? There are direct flights from London via Virgin and BA, or from Manchester with Thomas Cook Airlines, in nine hours or less and the time difference is five hours. Once there the island is only 34 kilometres across at its widest point so the airport transfer shouldn’t take long.

There is a strong British influence in Barbados, but as a third of its population moved to Britain in the decades after the war, the cultural influences have gone both ways. The pop singer Rihanna is from Barbados, as is the world’s greatest ever cricketer Sir Garfield Sobers. Move to Barbados and you won’t be short of sports to play or watch, with high quality golf, cricket and sailing facilities available.

Marina properties are available at the new Port Ferdinand, but they’re approaching the “if you have to ask the price you can’t afford it” level at US$1,000 per square foot. Don’t assume that Barbados is just for the rich though, it’s also for the romantics. More hotspots for homes and villas suiting a range of budgets can be found in Christchurch, Sandy Lane and Speightstown.

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